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We are extremely grateful to all of our sponsors. Their generosity pays for ice time, transportation to games, equipment, and much more. Click here for more information on sponsorships or e-mail tracy@motorcitystars.org

Platinum Sponsors - $10,000 or equivalent

  • Livonia Civic Centers

"Stanley Cup Sponsors"- $5000 or equivalent

  • Mueller Law Firm

"MVP" Sponsors - $2500 or equivalent

  • Hockey Players In Business

"Hat Trick" Sponsors - $1000 or equivalent

  • Pipefitters, Steamfitters, Refridgeration and Air Conditioning Service Local No. 636
  • Argent International

"Power Play" Sponsors ($500 or equivalent)

  • Kaizen Financial Group, LLC
  • The Van Camp Family
  • The Soules Family

"Blue Line" Sponsors ($250 or equivalent)​​

  • The Mondro Family
  • EnablePoint, Inc.
  • The Batty Family
  • PAC Capital Management, Inc
  • Knights of Pythias Detroit Lodge No. 55
  • Brian Finlayson
  • The Karapuz Family
  • Burton Hollow Subdivision Returnables Collection